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Earlier identification,
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We are on a mission to transform personalised care by using rich metabolic data to create innovative solutions, enabling healthcare teams to improve patient outcomes.

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Metabolic disease accounts for 33% of deaths worldwide. These are silent, progressive diseases that are identified too late, resulting in complications, high healthcare costs and premature death.

We want to create solutions which will streamline personalised care for both the healthcare team and patient, predict an individual’s risk of complications, and significantly reduce screening costs.

Our Solutions

Diagnostic modelling

Developing diagnostic modelling tools which enable accurate patient priotisation where resources are limited.

Remote Management Platforms

Creating healthcare platforms to transform personalised care plans for metabolic disease.

Dr Rose Sisk

PHD Health Informatics, Data Scientist

Dr Camilla Sammut-Powell

PHD Statistics, Senior Data Scientist

Our data experts

We use our expertise in metabolic data and methodologies to extract insights and develop algorithms to predict the outcomes of individuals.

These algorithms can predict an individual’s risk of complications from chronic disease. Uniquely, they are calculated from everyday measures such as; sex, age and BMI.

Our algorithms can be used to increase the availability of screening whilst significantly reducing the costs.

Our clinical experts

We utilise our expertise in metabolic disease to drive and validate the development of our personalised care solutions.

We work closely with our academic, healthcare and commercial partnerships to undertake clinical trials and feedback driven by healthcare professionals and patients.

Dr Natasha H Patel

Clinical Safety Officer & Consultant Diabetologist

Jayne Budd

Clinical Trials Nurse

Our advisors

Statistical Modelling & Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Sami Kaski

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Niels Peek

AI & Health Informatics

Prof. Phil Quinlan

Director of Health Informatics

Assistant Prof. Grazziela Figueredo

Research and Innovation Lead

Chronic Disease

Dr. Kevin Fernando

GP, Scottish Lead Primary Care Diabetes Society

Dr. Holmes

GP, Local Clinical Commissioner for Diabetes

Dr. Waqas Tahir

Primary Care Diabetes Lead

Dr. Angela Paisley

Consultant Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine

Jacqui Moran

NHS Diabetes Specialist Dietitian, Lead Sports Nutritionist

Dr. Judith Anders


Connect with our leadership team

Rory Cameron

CEO & Co-founder

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25yrs+ sales & marketing in pharma with digital health exit track record.

Rory has a passion for ensuring we improve the delivery of care to patients.

Chris Genders


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30yrs+ in healthcare, pharma, digital health.

Chris brings an understanding of what it is like to have a metabolic disease and a view of how this can be improved.

Albert Nicholl


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30yrs+ in MedTech sector.

Mentor and advisor for early-stage, entrepreneurial medtech and life sciences companies.